Sunday, April 6, 2014

Idiyappam is my all time favourite with coconut milk. All these days, I didn't bother to make it at home b'coz Singapore sells it in packets, which are quite soft and white. So no need to strain in preparing at home (Lazy me!!!)

All of a sudden, I was browsing through some blogger's recipes and each of the blog had an idiyappam recipe. Feeling completely inspired, I started to try on my own. The very first attempt came out really good, so continued to make it. I but the store bought idiyappam/puttu flour, "Babas" brand and it turns out to be really good.

Here comes the recipe.

- Boil 1 cup water (rolling boil), with 1tsp oil.

- Remove from the stove and immediately add 1 cup idiyappam/puttu flour little by little to it and mix it (back of a ladle works best) vigourously without letting it form lumps.

- Let the dough become warm enough to knead, knead well for 2 minutes, dab little oil if needed.

- Add the dough into a idiyappam press and press well on idiyappam plate or idli plate.

- Steam this in idli cooker or any steaming vessel you have. (Boil water before pressing the dough)

- You will get soft melting idiyappams in 3 to 5 minutes. Enjoy!


- Water must be boiling and not warm, otherwise the idiyappams will not be soft.

- If the water is warm, it will be easy to press but the idiyappams will be rubbery.

- If the water is hot, the idiyappams will be hard to press, but very soft.

Try and let me know how it turns out !!!


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