Kaju Katli

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Being a sweet tooth, Kaju katli is the mildest in terms of sweetness in my opinion. My DD started liking it and I thought why not try it at home. The result was tasty and yummy! Just struggled at one step where they needed to be cut as diamonds, needs some practice but not to worry, I gobbled up the loose ends that fell apart happily :)

Now comes the recipe...

Step 1:

Grind 1 cup of cashew as a coarse powder in the mixer (use the pulse mode), if you grind it too long, the oil from cashew will start oozing and make it mushy.

Step 2:

Take 1/2 cup of sugar and use 4 tbsp water to melt it down completely in medium flame.
Don't allow it to become even a bit thick. It should be in watery consistency.

Step 3:

As the Sugar melts, add the cashew powder and keep stirring without taking your hands off for 4 minutes. Don't allow it to form lumps.

The cashew mixture will start rolling up instead of being scattered, then, just switch off the flame and wait for the mixture to get a bit warm. Once it is warm, take it into a bowl and knead with your hands for a minute. (Grease your hands with ghee) Then spread it in the roti rolling base (grease with little ghee) and use the roti pin and roll it to reach 1 inch thickness or whatever thickness you prefer.

Step 4:

Leave the rolled out mixture as such for an hour to set in. This is optional. Then, cut into diamond shape.

I don't like the silver foil that the sweet shops add on top, so I skipped that step.

Try it out and let me know how it turned out.

Bye for now....


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